In Thessaloniki, 1960, a small workshop of syrup sweets appears, its founders are the couple Charalambos and Maria Toumpourleka.

As time goes by, thanks to the excellent and stable quality of their products, result of the pure ingredients they use and a recipe they faithfully follow, they manage to hold a worthy place in the industry.

A few decades later, couple George and Dora Toumpourleka, the second generation, takes the reins. With innovation and continuous development on their mind and aims to satisfy the consumers’ preferences, they add new products to the list and increase the company’s capacity. At the same time, the first steps are taking place in the foreign market.

Today, using state-of-the-art equipment in modern facilities, while always respecting the principles of the family’s tradition for pure materials and consistency in service, they look forward with optimism to the future. A future based on the solid foundations of a long-standing experience.