Our history starts during 1960, in a small neighborhood of Thessaloniki, where a confectionary shop is founded by Charalambos and Maria Toumpourleka.
Their love for the art of making traditional syrup sweets and constant trials lead them to create a unique flavored tulumba that all people in the city enjoy with enthusiasm. As time goes by, thanks to the stable quality of their syrup sweets, result of the pure ingredients they use and a family recipe they faithfully follow, they manage distribute their sweets outside the city.
Their tulumba and baklava slowly gain reputation throughout the whole country.
A few decades later, the second generation, takes the reins. With innovation and continuous development on their mind they give impetus in the sweets to travel in the Europe market.Today, the third generation continues, taking into account the new requirements regarding food safety and hygiene, by carrying out strict quality controls during production and choosing the purest raw materials with international quality standards.